we built a pub

The Ordinary Pub was a concept long coming. It started as many things, and became many things, but in the end, the evolution of our initial idea brought us here - to a unique space, inspired by the beautiful city and people of Savannah, encompassing our passion for art, service, food, and craft. 

After the evolution of our concept into what you see today, we needed a space in which to house all of our lofty ideas and goals.


Much of our concept centers around the personal, house-created sauces, cocktails, and recipes...and our restoration was no different. We had a core group of four leading the renovation, with our wonderful friends stepping in without question when needed. Armed with our eco-conscious goals, we renovated and decorated with as much recycling and upcycling as possible. Our tables, lighting, and bar were crafted completely by hand, using as much left over material from the original space as possible. 

To preserve the integrity of our beautiful brick walls, we avoided applying chemicals, leaving the only way of removing years of paint being by scraping....by hand....a couple of bricks at a time! As the brick and metal of our unique stair case started to come through, we could see our vision coming to fruition. 

Lucky enough to live in a city alive with a vivid art scene, we called upon Stained Glass Class, housed in City Market (only a block from our front door), to create our unique stained glass pieces; called upon a local artist and friend to create our entry way mural; and had one of our owners take some time from her day job to create our large art pieces throughout the space.