A lot of people have asked us...what's the deal with the name/logo of your place?

Well, welcome to story time with The Ordinary Pub, friends:

At the turn of the century, the bicycle on our logo was the jam. Then came along this new jazzy contraption known as the "safety bicycle" with two equally proportioned wheels (imagine that.)

In common conversation and advertising, to differentiate which bicycle someone was riding, the "safety bicycle" became just "the bicycle", leaving the big wheel victim to several nicknames, one of which was "The Ordinary Bicycle." 

Can you believe this thing was considered "ordinary"?! It got us thinking about the perception of "ordinary"...that something so cool and unique was at one time simply an everyday standard. 

Inspired by the anything-but-Ordinary Bicycle, we thought...what if we created a place with exceptional service, out of this world charm, and amazing food - something that blew people away every day? What if we created something so great that it changed a guest's every day standard?

Thus, The Ordinary Pub was born. A place where anyone could come and feel welcomed and invited and...inspired. 

We work hard to surprise our guests with top notch service, with comfort foods presented in modern ways, and with an every day standard that is truly extraordinary. 

Come see us downstairs, friends. We are looking forward to changing your perspective.